Nov 5, 2004

I'm all about..


..ok not ALL about it, but I like to reuse stuff.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with some wrapping.. It's not normal wrapping, it's the type that goes around bunches of flowers from the shop. I wish I knew the correct name for it. The girls in our Floral Department started saving it for me saying, "is there something you can do with this?"

I've seen a few things that are interesting but not quite my cup of tea:

  • Plastic Flowers
  • Clear Envelopes (uses an envelope, waxed paper (or in this case plastic), a fade-away marker, glue/rubber cement/gluestick - whatever will hold the plastic together!) STEP1: Take the envelope and unfold all the flaps so they are all sticking out STEP2: Lay it on the plastic. STEP3: Trace the outline with the marker. STEP4: Cut it and Fold it just like you would the envelope STEP5: glue and youre done!

any ideas?

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