Dec 7, 2004

fleece baby blanket..

I made my sister's new baby a fleece blanket (click the pictures for a larger view)

it was the first blanket I ever made, but I think it came out pretty good.

how to sew blanket binding (to get nice corners)

how to crochet a baby blanket and add binding

easy fleece baby blanket

the sewing dictionary

my favorite crafting forum


Anonymous said...

I recently discovered, and from there followed a link to your blog. I think your crafts are excellent! Just a piece of constructive criticism on the blanket-- next time, if you can, buy a little extra fabric & line up the pattern so the seamline down the middle doesn't show. You can figure out how much extra to buy by measuring the repeat (find a point on the selvage and measure to where that point in the pattern re-appears) If the repeat is, say, 8 inchess, you'd get enough for the project, plus 8 inches. Then you'll have enough to line everything up and make that seam virtually invisible. Aside from that the blanket (and all your crafts) looks wonderful & i would not have guessed it was your first try!

Renée said...

thanks so much for commenting I really appreciate it :)

I love craftster.. it's really a great place to meet people and learn new things. Thats where I learned to sew :)

I would have loved to buy more of this fleece.. it was just too cute! unfortunately it was a piece of remnant fabric and it was cut so that those two pieces were actually next to each other (one long piece horizontally), so thats why i made a seam in the middle.. I really was disappointed myself not to be able to get more!

thanks again and please stop by anytime!

Renée said...

oh and thanks so much for the nice compliments!