Dec 18, 2004

Reconstruction: skirts into camis, button ups into halters, t-shirt surgery

I have some skirts and dresses that are MUCH too big on me.. but they are much too pretty (and some too expensive) to get rid of even on ebay .They have elastic waistbands and I used to wear some of them as shirts under a cardigan (pinned so they wouldn't fall off), but now they are much too big for that..

I would like to make some of them into camisoles and shirts.. I wear a lot of business suits and blazers to work and these would be ideal to wear under one and then for after work (sans jacket) too.

I think I can use some t-shirt reconstruction tutorials to make this happen. Here are a few I'm looking at right now

T shirt corset : so pretty, but mine will be longer ~ Im also going to use her perogi recipe sometime for D ~

Triangle Camisole : she has a lot of great ideas on her site

I have some button up shirts that I'm going to make into halters by cutting under the arms, removing the sleeves, taking in the sides and add lace to the top/making straps. I might also do some ruching or add some ruffles to the front and shorten the sleeves to change them from plain jane into something more girlie like this

~ Links to Other Ideas ~

how to make a pattern from an existing garment

Clothes Surgery : Clothing Tutorials

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I also read where someone took a large long-sleeved turtleneck and did the following steps to make a hoodie:

-took in the sides
-cut a bit off the bottom
-cut off the sleeves to make short ones
-used the sleeve material to make a hood (you split the seams on both and then sew the ends of each piece together to make one long strip of fabric)

I don't know if it will work or not, but the pictures looked cute!

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